Featuring the well known Senzyo Interactive Screen

This new information center includes options for teaching as well as more technical presentations. The combination of the interactive display, the magnetic whiteboard and the high-quality cork make this a turnkey solution.

The combination of these three elements is perfect for both classrooms and conference rooms


This information center offers a range of options. You can access the interactive screen in open mode or share your ideas on the two magnetic whiteboards dedicated for this purpose in close mode.
Moreover, with the Senzyo information center you’ll enjoy high quality materials. From our interactive screen S-125 to our magnetic white board, that put their mark in the market for X number of years,  manufactured with anodized aluminum and guarantee our 50 years.

Going through the color and quality of cork selected as the color of your table and vitrified porcelain.

Finally, this product is very easy to use and can come with a fixed or removable pen holder


1. Strong corner protection: Reinforced corners and provide a safe and  secure environment for all users of our product. Adults as children.

2. Our board is equipped with a ball bearing system. This system is perfect for navigating between all available modes of the information center in no time.

 Our new “Ez lock” technology makes sure your interactive screen can stay hidden and safe when you want to work on your whiteboards

3. Adjustable leg: You prefer to have your board fixed and stable, but want to have the opportunity to play with the height of it? This option is made for you

3.1 Roulette: Our roulette system makes moving the information center easy and safe.

3.1.2 Directly on the wall: If the two previous options do not satisfy you, it will be the right one for you. This product can hang on the wall and it will be perfect for your new conference rooms.

This variety of options gives you a wealth of options to create your workspace or classroom as you wish.