On the occasion of their 75th anniversary, the municipality of Saints-Martyrs-Canadiens organized on August 25th, La traversée du Lac Nicolet. This amateur swimming competition was back with 32 years of absence. For the occasion, SENZYO has made available two interactive screens for the day. A screen allowed the animators to present to the public, the four routes to follow for the different races. A second screen was placed at the beginning to display the stopwatch on the big screen.

This day was a great success! The sun, the good mood and no less than 170 participants were present. In addition, everyone’s efforts helped support a good cause. In fact, half of the profits obtained will be donated to the “À Notre Santé” Foundation of the HDA hospital, which aims to offer exceptional health services and social services in the territories of the Arthabaska RCMs and Maple.

It is planned to organize a next edition for summer 2019. The Senzyo team hopes to be present once again. For more information about the event, follow the Facebook page “Traversée du Lac Nicolet – Samedi, 25, Août 2018”.

Ecran interactif lors de la traversée du lac Nicolet

Explanation of the courses on the interactive flat panel.

Écran Senzyo lors de la traversée du lac Nicolet

Chronometer display on Senzyo screen

Source : “La Nouvelle-Union”