Today we present our new mobile and tilt stand for SENZYO collaborative flat panel. With four vertical and horizontal position settings, it offers mobility, comfort and flexibility to its users.

The features of mobile and tilt stand – ACC-ELECKART-UPDWT-01

A trolley with electric height adjustment

This new trolley easily adapts to everyone’s morphology  by means of its integrated motor. Users quickly and effortlessly change the screen height electrically. Its amplitude of 56 cm makes it possible to adapt to a wide audience and to alternate between standing and sitting work, thus limiting the increase of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders). This feature also makes it easier to move the screen under the doors and restricted location.

A mobile and tilt stand up to 90 degrees

The special feature of this new stand is the possibility to change the orientation of the screen. It can tilt to an angle of 90 degrees and can take the form of an informative kiosk or an interactive table. This offers a varied use and returns a dynamic and connected image of the company that uses it.

There are three ways to change the screen positions.

The simplest : The remote control

It comes with the stand and plugs into the back of the device with the extendable cable. Then you just keep the “UP” button up to the desired height and the “DOWN” button to go down. To tilt the screen, press the “up and down arrow” button and the “left and right arrows” button to straighten the screen. It’s really easy to handle.

Télécommande du stand mobile inclinable SENZYO

The control buttons on the back of the stand

You can also do this using the four buttons on the back of the center column. This is useful during an exhibition in which you do not want to lose the remote control.

Support mobile électrique pour écran interactif


Finally, an integrated application.

On all SENZYO screens, we have pre-installed an application to manage the positions. These keys are found in your control palette at the bottom right of your screen. These options appear as soon as your screen is positioned on the mobile cart.


The other basic features at the mobile tilting stand

Four rotating wheels with brake

Four solid wheels with brakes are installed to transport the screen and hold it in place. They turn 360 degrees

Roulette avec frein

A tray for various accessories
The center column incorporates a tray approximately 21.5″ wide to hold the remote control, keyboard, pens or other object.

Plateau accessoire pour support mobile

Compatible with SENZYO 55 “, 65” and 75 “screens

The maximum load capacity of this support is 100 kg, so it fits the three models SENZYO 55 “, 65” and 75 “. It is not compatible with the 86 “screen that weighs more than 100kg. We invite you to visit our other mobile stand models by clicking here.