Interactive screens require frequent maintenance to maintain their proper functioning and their cleanliness. Indeed, being used with the fingers and the stylus, many traces appear quickly. To avoid damage to your device, we have listed below our recommendations for washing your screen safely.

Gestures and products to avoid urgently

Before it’s too late, we start by telling you the cleaning techniques to banish.

  • Do not use paper towels, tissues, toilet paper, old clothes or torn fabrics. These materials leave particles and may scratch the screen of your SENZYO.
  • Do not use products containing ammonia, ethanol or acetone, these substances could remove the protective film of your screen.
  • If you use water or a specific product to clean the screens, do not spray directly on your SENZYO. The liquid could cause irreparable damage by seeping inside the unit. We advise you to spray a soft and clean cloth.


What actions to take to clean an interactive screen ?

Step 1 :

First, turn off your SENZYO screen to prevent electric shock. If the power cable is easily accessible, remove it as well. Moreover, with your black screen, it will be easier to perceive dust and fingerprints.

Step 2 :

Take a quality microfiber cloth. The microfiber has excellent absorbency, it allows to clean and remove dust easily, without any product thanks to its microfilaments.

Step 3 :

Perform sleight circular motions across the entire surface of your screen. It is not necessary to press hard, you will damage it.

Step 4 :

Normally, your work should be finished. However, if after inspection, you have some traces a little more stubborn, soak your laundry in clean water and wring it to prevent drops of water flowing on your device. Perform circular movements again. Microfiber once moistened should catch grease and dirt for a more thorough cleaning of the tasks.

Step 5 :

Wipe the screen with another dry microfiber cloth to prevent drying marks.

Our other cleaning tips

  • Keep your microfiber cloths only for cleaning your screen, do not use them for other applications.
  • After each use, we advise you to rinse your cloth with hot water, without using soap.
  • When it is dirty, you can wash your microfiber cloth up to 90 degrees without fabric softener or bleach.
  • To prevent dust from coming back regularly, there are protective covers for interactive screens