A PC module on an interactive screen is used to add computer capabilities to the latter. To do this, simply slide the Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) technology into the thickness of your screen. In other words, a PC module is an ultra compact computer that connects to your SENZYO to bring new features.

SENZYO screens already offer a great autonomy of use. They are able to connect to the internet, use various applications, store files and many more. However, inserting a PC module can be a significant investment for your work tool.

The benefits of a PC module on an interactive screen

Use your interactive screen with Windows

Our PC modules work with a Windows interface. By inserting it into your screen, it will then be possible to use all compatible software and enjoy the benefits of touch. You will find the same ergonomics as most Windows desktops. The grip of the device will be fast and your work can easily be completed on the same programs. You will gain valuable time.

Note that at any time, you can switch to the integrated Android interface on the screen to use its other attributes.

Increase storage space and add connection ports

The PC module increases your storage capacity. Depending on the model selected, you can add a DDR4 4G or 8G RAM, a 500G or 1T HDD, a 128G or 256G hard drive (2.5 inch SSD) and a 128G or 256G hard drive (M.2 SSD). This extra storage capacity is very popular for backing up more heavy files.

Inserting a PC module on an interactive screen also adds peripheral ports. Both models have six USB3.0 ports, an HDMI output, a display port, a VGA output, an RJ45 port, an audio output and a microphone input. They allow to connect several USB keys but also keyboards or wireless mouse for the participants.

Reduce delays and maintenance costs in the event of a breakdown.

A PC module is easily transportable and interchangeable. In case of failure, simply remove the case and replace it to use your SENZYO again as before. The sending to the technical center is very simple also thanks to the small size of the module. The periods of non-use are much shorter, or almost nonexistent. Your employees will not be deprived of their collaboration tool.

If you have any further questions about the use of our products, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service by phone or email. You can also find the technical characteristics of our PC modules here.