SENZYO provides a collaborative flat panel at Claretain’s College for its new techniconumeric research center.

To maintain and consolidate its tradition of excellence among the best educational institutions in Quebec, Claretain’s College of Victoriaville equips its new research center with several latest-generation technological equipment including a SENZYO collaborative screen.

This new interactive environment will enable students to develop new skills and reach their full potential by working in a stimulating environment where research and innovation will be a critical part of their journey.

The SENZYO screen will facilitate collaboration within a working group. Employees will be able to write their idea simultaneously and then save them; visualize in high definition details on technical drawings; or quickly share information in turn. Learn more about the features of our SENZYO screens.



Un écran collaboratif au Collège Clarétain

The Senzyo collaborative flat panel at Techniconumeric Research Center.

On the Claretain’s College Facebook page, you can read “Le numérique prend forme au Collège Clarétain”

The newspaper of “La Nouvelle Union” also quotes us in its article entitled

Le Collège Clarétain bénéficie d’un appui financier de taille”